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红杉资本创始人Don Valentine:不喝咖啡 懂沉默是金 在乎Who Cares

2019年10月25日,硅谷最伟大的传奇人物Don Valentine( 唐·瓦伦丁 )在Woodside的家中去世,享年87岁。

Don Valentine是红杉资本( Sequoia Capital)的创始人,是缔造硅谷(Silicon Valley)那一代的领袖人物之一!

有统计数据表明纳斯达克上市的公司中,有超过百分之二十的企业均是红杉资本投资的。其中不少伟大的企业,都是他投出来的。虽然很多人根本不知道Don Valentine或 Sequoia Capital,但是这些企业却众所周知。

Don Valentine投资的第一家公司。Atari成立于1972年,其创始人Nolan Bushnell是电子游戏的鼻祖。Don于1975年与其结成伙伴关系,1976年 Warner Communications 收购了Atari。

Steve Jobs是Atari的员工,继承了Nolan Bushnell的出格品格。Apple创立于1976年。那时候因为Steve的行为举止非常奇怪,没有跟他说话,更别说给他投资了。但是Don Valentine倾听了这个奇怪的人的声音,1978年和Apple结成伙伴关系,和Steve一起开创了“个人电脑”(Personal Computer)的新时代。

But you have to listen to everyone. One of the things I always advocated here is learning to listen. Learning to ask questions.

Don Valentine

I have only met and known two visionaries in my life. Lots of people in Silicon Valley think they’re visionaries. Bob Noyce was one, at Fairchild Semiconductor. Steve was the other.

Don Valentine

再来看看红杉资本投资的这些公司:1982年Electronic Arts、1983年Oracle、1987年Cisco、1999年Google和PayPal。

在红杉资本投资的一系列公司中,不乏华人创业家的面孔,比如:1993年Nvidia的Jensen Huang、2004年Zappos的Tony Hsieh、2005年Youtube的Steve Chen、2014年的Door Dash的Tony Xu & Stanley Tang & Andy Tang、2016年Zoom的Eric Yuan等等。



These early investments put what later became known as Sequoia Capital on the map. Don’s choice of name for our partnership was in keeping with the man. It conveyed the longevity and strength of the tallest of redwoods with the humility of someone who refrained from putting his own name on our business.




In his later years Don was a ready source of advice for those who stopped by his office and, unlike most former leaders, resisted the temptation to criticize decisions which he considered misguided or to meddle in the business. Ever curious he relished spending time with young people brimming with ideas about the future. His family and friends and those who spent decades working with him harbor a trove of affectionate memories of the quirks and habits of a man who favored green ink, never drank coffee, listened carefully, understood the virtues of silence, built the foundation on which so many have the good fortune to stand, and insisted that the ultimate test for every startup was a thoughtful answer to his perpetual question about its quest, “Who cares?”


在Don的晚年,与大多数退休后的领导者不同,他甘愿退居二线,不再轻易批评那些他认为错误的决定,也不再干涉具体业务。但是作为经验丰富的智囊,他依然热心为那些到他办公室拜访的人提供建议。一向好奇的他,总是喜欢和对未来充满憧憬的年轻人待在一起。他的家人、朋友,以及那些与他一起奋斗数十年的同事,都对他充满了深切的回忆。在人们的记忆里,他有着喜欢绿色墨水、从不喝咖啡的可爱怪癖;他还是一个认真的聆听者,欣赏沉默中深思熟虑,帮助许多创业者的万丈高楼打下坚实的地基。他坚持认为,对每一位创业者的终极考验,是有没有想清楚创业将为谁创造价值,这也成为他总是不断会问创业者的一个问题:“Who cares?”

Remembering Don Valentine

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