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有个叫Chantel,芳龄20的小洋妞正在杭州体验中国的生活,准备用2个学期的时间环游世界:Around the world in 2 semesters。她在杭州的学习很快就要结束了,不过遗憾的事情发生了:自行车被盗。

So… my bike got stolen! 🙁 Frankly I’m not surprised, as people have been warning me about this since before I even got here, but still, it was kind of a downer. It happened on campus, right outside of one of our classroom buildings, in the hour and a half that we were inside. Crazy! China must be mad at me or something. My poor bike… I never even got a picture with it! Oh well. At least I had it for a good three months, and there’s only a bit left. Plus, it only cost about US$30, so it’s not a huge loss. However, I’ll be walking everywhere for the next month… 真糟糕!


看看这段,非常有意思。We go to the track every morning, where there are usually about 10 or 15 Chinese people there exercising. And by exercising, I mean exercising the Chinese way. This includes, but is not limited to:

– standing still and rotating your pelvis around in circles… for 30 minutes straight


– 太极拳 (tai chi)


– repeatedly hitting (your own) various body parts, fairly violently, for long stretches of time


– rehearsing English speaking assignments on the sidelines while surreptitiously watching the 老外 run around the track


– jogging in your normal day wear (i.e., jeans and high heels)


– walking at a leisurely rate in groups of 2 to 3, carrying a blaring transistor radio in a plastic bag


– yelling, “你们疯了!” (“You’re crazy!”) when the whities run by at 8 am in T-shirts and shorts


-Thus is the track culture here. It’s pretty amusing, and makes the time go by relatively quickly.

小洋妞很享受这里的生活,所以感觉时间过得很快。她马上就有一次大考,结束之后就要去上海度周末,而且已经惦记上了上海的小笼包。Okay… back to studying for the big exam. It’s on Thursday, and immediately afterwards Josh, Janice, Rachel and I are departing for a weekend in Shanghai to blow off some steam! It should be great. Shanghai is known for its 小笼包 (delicious little steamed dumplings full of goodness) and I am of course already excited for those.


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